UPSC CSE Interview 2023: Know what to do and what not to succeed in the interview round

UPSC CSE Interview 2023: Know what to do and what not to succeed in the interview round

UPSC CSE interview 2023: Interview i.e. Personality Test is the last stage of UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). Only those candidates appear in UPSC interview who have passed the main examination of 1750 marks. Let us tell you, UPSC interview is conducted for 275 marks. In this way UPSC exam is conducted for total 2025 marks.

Candidates who are preparing for UPSC exam try to clear Prelims, Mains and Interview in the very first attempt. If you are preparing for UPSC then know what to do and what not to do during UPSC interview.

IPS officer Syed Waqar Raza has given some tips related to UPSC CSE interview.

Fill DAF carefully

– If you have been selected for UPSC interview, then the Detailed Application Form (DAF) is an important document. Which is filled before the interview. This form contains personal and educational information of the candidate, hobbies and interests, preferred service, cadre state etc. Let us tell you, this form is filled before the main examination. Each interview board member has a copy of the candidate’s DAF based on which questions he or she can ask you.

Know about current issues and news

Remember that a large part of the questions asked in the interview will be related to current issues and news. Therefore, the candidate should read at least 2 news papers carefully after the main examination.

positive attitude

Always maintain a positive attitude while preparing for and during the interview. While answering any question, it should not be obvious that you are blaming someone or venting your anger. Keep your nature polite and answer questions with a positive attitude.

Pay special attention to clothes

Pay special attention to clothes during the interview. Boys candidates should wear a well fitted suit or a shirt/trouser with tie, leather shoes and belt and girls can wear saree/salwar-kameez. Girls’ make-up and jewelery should not be flashy.

mock interview

After the interview is announced, attend as many mock interviews as possible. Mock interviews will give you an idea of ​​the stress level of an actual interview. This will be very good practice for your interview. With the help of mock interview, candidates will know those things in which they will get a chance to improve.

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