Students caught cheating in board exam will get this punishment

Students planning to cheat in board exams should be careful. Because after depriving such students of the examination, action will be taken against them under the Rasuka i.e. Goon Act. Such students will not be spared.

District School Inspector Rajesh Kumar Shrivas has issued an advisory to all the schools, center administrators and officials involved in the conduct of the examination following the order of the Director General. He said that the administration is very strict for conducting the UP Board examinations without cheating.

Students will not be spared under any circumstances if they are caught cheating in the examination. Along with this, the examination will be postponed if the case of mass copying comes to the fore. The government has taken this decision to curb the copycats.

He informed that complete vigilance is being taken for conducting the examination without cheating and in a safe manner in the district. In terms of security, cameras, voice recorders etc. are being repaired at all the centres.

All the centers in the district will be monitored from the district level control room and the district level control room will be linked to the state level control room. Due to which the state level team will be able to monitor the centers of the district.

Caution will be taken at every center

As many as 53,122 students are registered for the UP Board examinations starting from February 16. 66 centers have been set up in the district for the examination. Center Administrator, Additional Center Administrator will be present at all the centers. Apart from these, Static and Sector Magistrates will also be ready. However, they have not been appointed yet. Soon their appointment process will also be completed.

What is Rasuka (National Security Act)

Rasuka empowers such a person to be kept in preventive custody for months if the administration feels a threat to national security and law and order. There is a provision of punishment of at least three months, one year or more.

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