Republic Day Speech in Hindi: Give this easy and short speech on 26th January Republic Day

Republic Day Speech in Hindi: Give this easy and short speech on 26th January Republic Day

Republic Day speech in Hindi: Republic Day is going to come on 26th January. Preparations for Republic Day celebrations have begun in various schools and government offices. This time India will celebrate its 75th Republic Day. 26 January is a day full of pride for every Indian. Every year 26th January is celebrated as Republic Day in our country. The Constitution of our country was implemented on 26 January 1950. That is, on this day India adopted its Constitution. Our country was established as a republic. The country got its written constitution. To celebrate Republic Day, many competitions like essay writing are organized in schools and universities. Speech and essay competition is organized to tell the history and importance of Republic Day. If you are also participating in any such competition then you can take example from the speech given below.

Republic Day speech in Hindi: Republic Day speech

Respected Principal Sir, teachers and my dear friends, Happy Republic Day to all of you! Republic Day is being celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country. We all are also gathered here to celebrate and celebrate the Indian Republic Day. This day makes every Indian proud. My friends, on August 15, 1947, our country was freed from the shackles of slavery but we did not have our own constitution to run the governance system of the country. The country cannot be run without the constitution. In such a situation, a Constituent Assembly was formed and the Constitution was made. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar played the most important role in its construction. It took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to make the Constitution. This Constitution, made after intensive discussions, brainstorming and many meetings, was implemented in the country on 26 January 1950 and India was declared as a democratic, sovereign and republic country.

Today I bow and pay tribute to all those freedom fighters who sacrificed their entire lives to liberate the country. Also, we pay our respects to all those scholars including Dr. BR Ambedkar who gave us such a great Constitution.

It is the Constitution that keeps people of all castes and classes of India together. The Constitution of India is the largest written constitution in the world. It was completed in 2 years, 11 months and 18 days. 26 January was chosen to implement the Constitution because on this day in 1930, complete independence of India was declared in the Congress session.

On the occasion of Republic Day, a grand Republic Day celebration is organized at Rajpath.
This parade not only showcases the military might of the nation but also showcases the unity in cultural diversity that symbolizes our heritage.

The President hoists the tricolor flag in a grand ceremony. He is given a 21-gun salute along with the national anthem and flag hoisting. Important honors like Ashoka Chakra and Kirti Chakra are given. The tableaux displayed on the Rajpath reflect the unity in diversity of India. Contingents from all three armies of India – Navy, Army and Air Force participate in the parade and the strength of the army is visible. It is not that this national festival ends with the hoisting of the flag by the President on 26 January and the conclusion of the parade and tableaus etc. Republic Day celebrations conclude with the 'Beating Retreat' ceremony on 29 January.

My dear friends, Republic Day is not just a day of celebration but also of taking stock of progress and looking at emerging challenges. One should assess what was lost and what was gained. We have come a long way since independence. Has done a lot. The most important thing is that we have proved our existence. We have not only maintained the edge of our multi-coloured, multilingual, colorful shared culture, but have also given it deeper meaning. New steps of development have been reached. This is why the world is looking at us with hope.

It is also true that even after so many years of independence and implementation of the Constitution, India is still fighting problems like crime, corruption, violence, Naxalism, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, gender discrimination, illiteracy. We all should unite and try to eliminate these problems. The dream of the freedom fighters will not be fulfilled until India is brought out of these problems. Today we have the largest human resources in the world, so if all of us countrymen unite and fight these problems, India will very soon be counted among the developed countries.

With this I would like to conclude my speech. Hail India

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