National Education Policy 2020: Children will be taught through art in CBSE schools

National Education Policy 2020: Children will be taught through art in CBSE schools

NEP 2020: Children will be taught through art for mental health. CBSE has taken this initiative. Preparations are being made for art integrated teaching and evaluation. At present eight subjects have been identified for teaching subjects through art in schools. Research will be done on these eight topics. Teaching will change depending on the research chosen. CBSE has asked teachers to research ways to connect subjects with art. Teachers will submit the research report by 31st August. Effective research will be selected from these. Selected research will be presented at Kala Sangam to be held in Tamil Nadu in October. Under this research, those innovations have also been sought, which may have been started by any teacher in any school in today's time. He will report on what impact that innovation has had.

Teachers from different states will share innovations
Keeping in mind the timely development of students as per the National Education Policy 2020, the training unit of CBSE has started it. Satish Kumar Jha, Secretary, CBSE School Organization Sahodaya, said that this time the National Teachers Conference is also being organized at Kala Sangam, with the aim of providing an opportunity to principals and teachers to share best practices and innovations in art integrated learning, on the prevailing trends and challenges. To discuss, share their research on art integrated learning and establish collaboration between researchers, teachers and principals.

Will study in:
● Arts Integrated Learning for Mental Health
● Integrating art with languages
● Integrating art with mathematics
● Integrating art with science
● Integrating art with social sciences
● Art integrated teaching using information technology
● Arts Integrated Learning for students with special needs
● Assessment based on arts integrated learning

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