Meet this girl from the entertainment industry, who left her dream of Miss India to pass UPSC exam

Meet this girl from the entertainment industry, who left her dream of Miss India to pass UPSC exam

UPSC Success story 2024: Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by UPSC is considered one of the difficult examinations. To clear it, candidates have to work day and night. There is a perception regarding this exam that only those candidates who are from engineering, medical and humanities background prepare for this exam, but it is not so. Today we are going to tell you about a girl from the entertainment industry, who has fulfilled her dream of becoming a successful officer by passing the UPSC exam. Let us know about them in detail.

We are talking about Taskin Khan who has been a former Miss Dehradun and Miss Uttarakhand. She was a model who gave up her Miss India dream to appear for the UPSC exam. Taskin Khan has a huge number of followers on social media platforms and is famous for his mimicry skills. Apart from being beautiful, she is also very intelligent.

Taskin Khan had attempted the UPSC Civil Services exam thrice to become an IAS and failed every time. Despite failing the exam thrice, he did not give up and decided to appear for the UPSC exam for the fourth time. Passed the UPSC exam with rank 736 in his fourth attempt.

Taskin Khan wanted to pursue a modeling career after school, but due to lack of money, she chose the path of UPSC exam. She was not that smart in studies, but knew that if proper preparation was done then this exam could be cleared. He spent all his time preparing for UPAC and passed this exam on the basis of his hard work. Let us tell you, she had said in an interview that she was not the best student academically, but was always ahead in sports.

The story of Taskin Khan is an inspiration for those candidates who doubt their abilities, he believes that if you work hard towards a goal, you will achieve it one day.

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