Meet the brothers and sisters who passed UPSC CSE together and became IAS-IPS officers

Meet the brothers and sisters who passed UPSC CSE together and became IAS-IPS officers

UPSC Success story: We bring you many UPSC success stories every day and hope that the candidates who are preparing for this exam take inspiration from these stories. Today we are going to tell you about those brothers and sisters who were successful in the UPSC exam, who passed the exam together and fulfilled their dream of becoming IAS, IPS officers.

Simran and Srishti

Simran and Srishti, both residents of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, had passed the UPSC exam in 2020. The eldest, Simran, had secured 474th rank in her third attempt. On the other hand, younger daughter Srishti cracked the exam by securing 373rd rank in her first attempt.

Anjali Meena and Anamika Meena

Anjali Meena and Anamika Meena are from Dausa district of Rajasthan. Both the sisters had passed the UPSC CSE exam in the year 2019. Anamika had cracked UPSC with 116th rank, while Anjali had secured 494th rank in her very first attempt.

Pankaj Kumawat and Amit Kumawat

Pankaj and Amit Kumawat from Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan had achieved success in UPSC CSE in the year 2019. Interestingly, both the brothers had passed the CSE exam in the first attempt in 2018. At that time Pankaj was ranked 443rd and Amit was ranked 600th. Pankaj had got the post of IPS. But still both the brothers were not satisfied with the result, after which they decided to take the exam again. For the second time in UPSC CSE, Amit had secured 423rd rank and Pankaj had secured 424th rank. After which both the brothers got IPS cadre. While Pankaj was already an IPS, Amit also became an IPS officer for the second time. Let us tell you, both the brothers had prepared for UPSC CSE without coaching. His father worked as a tailor and his only source of income was tailoring.

Ankita and Vaishali

Ankita and Vaishali are real sisters and both have cracked UPSC CSE together. While Vaishali had secured 21st rank in the UPSC exam in her second attempt, her elder sister Ankita Jain had secured 3rd rank in her fourth attempt. Let us tell you, both the sisters have achieved the post of IAS officer.

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