Hindustan Special: If any student gets zero or more than 90 percent in UP board exam.. copy will be checked again.

Hindustan Special: If any student gets zero or more than 90 percent in UP board exam.. copy will be checked again.

UP Board Exam: If a student gets zero marks or more than 90 percent in any subject, his copy will be re-checked. The evaluation of UP Board High School and Inter answer sheets is starting from March 16. In the interest of the students, the Board has instructed the Deputy Principal Examiners (DHE) and examiners associated with the evaluation system that the answer sheets in which the candidate has been given more than 90 percent or zero marks will be re-evaluated and examined by the Deputy Principal Examiner. .

One mark should be given on clean and beautiful handwriting. It should be kept in mind that the total score of the candidate should not exceed the integer marks of the question paper. DHE will continue to do random checking. There will be a computerized sheet for marking marks.

so that children do not face stress

All Deputy Principal Examiners and Examiners have been asked to ensure that no copy is left unevaluated. The answer to every question should be checked. There should be no error. If there is carelessness, children's marks may decrease which will affect the exam results. The student will have to face mental stress. In such a situation, it is important that the work on which the future of the candidates depends is done with full awareness.

Evaluation at five centers in Kanpur

In Kanpur, evaluation of answer sheets will be held at five centers from March 16. This evaluation will be held in Government Inter College, Chuniganj, DAV Inter College, Saryu Narayan Bal Vidyalaya, Har Sahay Jagdamba Sahay Inter College and Subhash Smarak Inter College. 3700 teachers will evaluate more than 13 lakh copies. Furniture is being arranged at the centres. District School Inspector Arun Kumar says that preparations have been completed. The instructions of the board will be followed.

Deputy Principal Examiner and Examiner do this

On the first day, DHE will have to check 20 copies and will monitor the examiners.
Examiners of class 10th will check a maximum of 50 copies and 45 copies of class 12th in a day.
The answers to the questions should be evaluated according to the step by step marking process.
Marks should not be given without reading the answers completely, full marks should be given on the correct answer.
Overwriting should not be done, if there is overwriting then cross it out and give marks and also sign.
If more questions are solved than the prescribed number, then the answer with higher marks will be considered.
Deduct partial marks if the solution is correct but the unit is not written or is written incorrectly.
After the final solution of the answer book, the examiner should write his signature and examiner number.

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