Giant company offered salary package of Rs 1.6 crore to IIT Delhi, then withdrew it

Giant company offered salary package of Rs 1.6 crore to IIT Delhi, then withdrew it

The placement season is about to begin in the country’s leading technical institutes, IITs. B.Tech students studying in IITs are expected to get huge salary packages from renowned companies in campus placements. Amidst the wait, U-turn on job offer from Zomato has created panic in IIT Delhi campus. A few days ago, Zomato had offered a job in IIT Delhi with a salary package of Rs 1.6 crore. But after this the leading online food delivery company withdrew its offer. Zomato had offered the job of algorithm engineer in IIT Delhi.

IIT Delhi’s research intern Hrithik Talwar shared this news on social media. He posted a notice of a high-profile job opportunity and also revealed that Zomato immediately withdrew its offer, leaving the campus in shock. Talwar’s post shared on social media platform X went viral very quickly. The post included a screenshot in which students were urged to withdraw their applications due to issues with the company. Some users questioned the authenticity of this shocking salary offer. It was also suspected that this could be a typographical error. Instead of 16 lakhs, 1.6 crores would have been written. Some said it was a marketing ploy by Zomate. Talwar claimed on X that the story was absolutely true.

However, Zomato is not the only company to do this. Tech giants like Google and Meta did the same earlier this year.

In January this year, Meta had stopped full-time job offers to many people who were all set to join the company. Meta also said that this decision was quite difficult for her, but she wanted to give priority to the jobs which were more important.

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