Do foreign degree courses in India only keeping in mind the UGC guidelines, know the rules of validity.

Do foreign degree courses in India only keeping in mind the UGC guidelines, know the rules of validity.

I want to do a management course from an American university through a study center in Delhi. How helpful will this degree be to my career? Answering this question in the Career Counseling column, Career Counselor Ashish Adarsh ​​said that you should know that the University Grants Commission i.e. UGC has made it clear many times that if a foreign university offers any study center through its franchise center or study centre, Even if the course is conducted in India, there will be no recognition of that degree.

Also, no foreign university has been given permission by the UGC to conduct courses through its centers in India. Therefore, you will not be able to get any special benefit from such a degree. In India, only those degrees are recognized which are approved by UGC. You may get some benefits of degrees obtained from abroad in private companies, but you will not be able to enter government or PSU bodies. If you want to do a course from abroad, then in such a situation, some of the top universities of the world are recognized by the Government of India. The information about these universities and recognized courses is with the Association of Indian Universities. Therefore, before taking admission in any foreign university, definitely get information about the recognition of that course from the Association of Indian Universities, Kotla Marg, New Delhi.

– I am currently doing 12th from PCM. What are the opportunities in the field of telecommunication? Rajendra Vishwakarma

Answer – India is the second largest telecom market in the world. It has been included among the five most progressive countries in telecom in the world and it is expected that the size of the telecom market here will more than double in the next 8 years. There is no dearth of employment for experts in this field. There are two pathways to entry into this field – first, a three-year diploma course in telecom after matriculation, and second, a three-year B.Sc. in Engineering or a four-year B.Tech (Telecom Engineering) after doing 10+2 from PCM. Whereas if you have done B.Sc in Mathematics or Science subjects, then post-graduate diploma course in Telecom can also prove beneficial. Both technical and non-technical people are appointed in this field. After completing the course, there will be opportunities in companies like Reliance Telecom, Tata Teleservices, Ericsson etc.

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