CBSE controller told how he prepared for the board and what advice his father gave him

CBSE controller told how he prepared for the board and what advice his father gave him

CBSE Board Exam 2024: As CBSE Board Exam 2024 is approaching, students may feel stressed. Whereas CBSE Examination Controller Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj shared some sentences related to his board exam preparation and said that one should not take tension while preparing for the board. Along with this he has shared some suggestions. Which should be followed by the students and their parents.

While giving an interview to a news website, Dr. Bhardwaj told how the parents of the students can become their guides and how their teachers can help them in preparing for the board exams.

CBSE Controller of Examinations, Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj reminisces about his board exams and tells how he prepared for his board exams. He said, I was not a special student. I was a normal student. At the same time, I also know that today's students have a lot of potential and can perform better in exams than me.

He told, I studied from a very normal school. My father used to ask me to follow a schedule every day and throughout the week. While preparing for the board exams, I focused a lot on writing, memorizing and revising the answers to the questions. Also, I often looked at where I was making mistakes. After which I used to work to correct those mistakes. I benefited a lot from all this and did not face any problem while solving the final exam.

Speaking about his strategies for exam preparation, Dr. Bhardwaj recalled how he used to complete his exam preparation at least 10-15 days before the exam day. He told that initially he used to focus not only on the first exam but also on the remaining exams. For the first exam, he used to start preparing around 10-15 days before the scheduled date.

Dr. Bhardwaj told that my father played a very important role during the preparation for board exams. At that time, my father used to work away from home. In our times, phones were not easily available, so it was very difficult to have a conversation. But whenever he came, he guided me and my mother. My mother was educated, but not as educated as today's mothers.

He said, during the board exams, my father had advised me to stay away from exam tension. He used to say, 'Prepare well for the exam. Don't think about what might happen. Everything will be fine”

At the same time, if I had any kind of doubt regarding the exam, the teachers also helped me to solve it. Dr. Bhardwaj said, during board exams, parents should not put pressure on students to get good marks and trust their child's ability.

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