Bihar teacher recruitment: BPSC TRE selected teachers taking training with child in their lap

Bihar teacher recruitment: BPSC TRE selected teachers taking training with child in their lap

The enthusiasm of women candidates in the second phase of teacher recruitment of Bihar Public Service Commission is visible. Facing every difficulty for the job, she is taking counseling and training. On Friday, many selected teachers were seen giving training at Rambagh Teacher Training School with children in their lap. These teachers undergoing training told that they cannot leave the child alone, hence they are taking training by keeping them together. Told that he is not facing any problem due to this. Other women taking training said that they are not facing any problem during teacher training.

thumb impression taken

Thumb impressions of the candidates were taken in the second phase of teacher counseling on Friday. This process has been started after the orders of KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary, Education Department. There was a long queue of candidates at the counseling center located at the district school even in the cold. Candidates had reached all the counters since morning.

Bihar Teacher Recruitment: Checking of thumb impressions of 2 lakh newly appointed teachers of BPSC TRE from mid January

District Education Officer Ajay Kumar Singh said that 118 candidates were counseled in classes 6th to 8th, 52 candidates in classes 9th to 10th and 295 candidates in classes 11th-12th. From December 25 till now, counseling of 2849 candidates has been done. Of these, counseling took place in 1034 classes from 6th to 8th, 471 in 9th-10th and 1344 in 11th-12th. Counseling of 465 candidates is left for classes 6th to 8th. Counseling is left for 279 candidates in 9th-10th and 208 candidates in 11th-12th. During the counseling of class 11th-12th, many candidates also came whose subject was different. Candidates were turned away due to not getting the subject.

Additional Chief Secretary reached Muzaffarpur

Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department KK Pathak again reached Muzaffarpur late on Friday evening. Came to Muzaffarpur while returning from Sitamarhi and Shivhar. The Additional Chief Secretary held a meeting with all the officials including the DEO at Shiksha Bhawan. Saw the files of teacher counseling in this. He held a meeting with the headmasters from Shiksha Bhawan itself. Saw the class file under Daksh scheme. Additional Chief Secretary said that if the students do not pass the examination after teaching them under the Daksh scheme, then the headmaster and teachers will be held accountable and action will be taken against them.

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