BEd Vs DlElEd BTC: BEd candidates adamant on giving a chance in primary teacher recruitment

BEd Vs DlElEd BTC: BEd candidates adamant on giving a chance in primary teacher recruitment

A mahapanchayat was organized at Balasan intersection in Prayagraj on Teacher’s Day on behalf of United B.Ed Morcha on B.Ed. Ed degree holders submitted a memorandum addressed to the President to ACP Satendra Tripathi and requested to give an opportunity considering their problem sympathetically. National President of Azad Adhikar Sena Amitabh Thakur also reached the mahapanchayat and extended his support.

Morcha’s Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Amit Yadav, Pushpendra Singh, Anuj Singh, Devendra, Satyam Pathak, Yogendra, Kushal, Hari Om and Rahul Vidyarti etc. say that there is a crisis on the future of B.Ed candidates after the decision of the Supreme Court. Lakhs of students are frustrated and upset due to B.Ed being disqualified from primary teacher recruitment. Therefore, the government should pass a law to recognize B.Ed in primary school recruitment.

Raised voice of employment rights

Activists of United Yuva Morcha staged a vigorous sit-in protest near Patthar Church on Tuesday demanding employment. Said that the government is not serious about the election promises of filling the vacant posts and solving the employment crisis. Warned that if concrete steps are not taken to fill all the vacant posts before the elections, then the consequences will have to be faced.

BEd Vs DElEd: SC’s latest decision on Bihar teacher recruitment, BPSC told what will be the next step

The movement was led by central team member Rajesh Sachan and Yuva Manch president Anil Singh. Through the administration, a memorandum addressed to the President and CM was submitted. In the memorandum, in the special session of Parliament, to bring a bill for employment rights, to fill vacant posts in the central government and states with transparency, to end outsourcing and contract system, railways, banking, insurance, electricity-coal, education-health sectors. Demanded to ban privatization, fulfill the election promises of filling six lakh vacant posts in the state, etc. Vinod Tiwari, Advocate KK Rai, Rajvendra Singh, Sunil Maurya, Avinash Mishra, Sangharsh Vikram, Dr. Kamal Usri, Anshu Malviya etc were present.

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