12th students will not read the history of Mughal court, NCERT changed the history book

Class 12 students of the UP Board and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will no longer read the history of the Mughal court. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has published the history book ‘Some topics of Indian history’ running in Intermediate from the academic session 2023-24. II’ Rulers and chronicles from the Mughal court (circa sixteenth and seventeenth centuries).

Under this, children will be exposed to Akbarnama and Badshahnama, Mughal Rulers and their Empire, Composition of Manuscripts, Color Illustrations, Ideal States, Capitals and Courts, Titles, Gifts and Presents, Royal Family, Royal Bureaucracy, Mughal Elite, Information and Empire, Borders. Beyond that, points such as questioning formal religion were taught. Similarly, lessons from the rise of Islam, clash of cultures, industrial revolution, beginning of time have been removed from the 11th book.

American supremacy in the contemporary world was also removed

The chapter on American supremacy in the contemporary world and the Cold War has been completely removed from the Class 12 Civics book on contemporary world politics. The rise of mass movements and the era of one-party dominance have been omitted from the book on Politics in Independent India. In this, the nature of dominance of Congress, Socialist Party, Communist Party of India, Bharatiya Jana Sangh, Swatantra Party was taught. Lessons on democracy and diversity, mass struggle and movement, challenges of democracy have been removed from the Class 10 book on Democratic Politics-2.

Links of subject-wise recombined syllabus for session 2023-24 have been made available by NCERT on the website of UP Board. Books published according to the revised syllabus are available in the market. , Dibyakant Shukla, Secretary UP Board

NCERT books are being updated under the National Education Policy 2020. New content is being added by removing things that had become irrelevant. There are changes in the syllabus from time to time which is a good thing. , alpana day, Principal Maharishi Patanjali Vidya Mandir

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