Young Liu: Padma Bhushan awarded to Foxconn CEO Young Liu, the company has dominance all over the world.

Young Liu: Padma Bhushan awarded to Foxconn CEO Young Liu, the company has dominance all over the world.

Foxconn CEO: Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awards have been announced. Foxconn CEO Young Liu is also included among those who have won these important awards in India. The Government of India has honored him with the Padma Bhushan Award for his contribution as a global business leader. The Central Government had announced the Padma Award 2024 on 25 January. Foxconn CEO Young Liu along with 132 people are included in this list. 

Foxconn is known for making semiconductors 

Taiwanese company Foxconn is a technology company. Its dominance is all over the world. The company is known for manufacturing semiconductors. Young Liu has played a very important role in the success of Foxconn. His career spans almost 4 decades. According to the company's official website, Young Liu oversees Foxconn's global operations. Under his leadership the company's business has spread to 24 countries. Also the number of Foxconn employees  Has reached above 10 lakhs. The company's revenue currently stands at $206 billion. 

Founded Young Micro Systems in 1988

66-year-old Young Liu from Taiwan started a motherboard company named Young Micro Systems in 1988. After this, he formed IC design firm ITeX in 1995 and ADSL IC design firm ITeX in 1997. Young Micro Systems and Itex achieved great success. After this Young Micro Systems merged with Foxconn. Itex is also listed in NASDAQ. Liu graduated in electrophysics from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. After this he obtained a master's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California. 

Will invest 1.6 billion dollars in India

Foxconn got recognition for manufacturing Apple iPhone. The company is expanding rapidly in India. About 40 thousand people work in the existing iPhone factory in Tamil Nadu. A recent statement by a senior Foxconn official has revealed plans to invest $1.6 billion in new projects in India.

What is Padma Award

Padma Award is the second highest civilian honor of the country. These awards are given in three categories. Padma Vibhushan is awarded for exceptional and distinguished service, Padma Bhushan for distinguished service of a high order and Padma Shri for distinguished service.

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