World Bank Report: Women do not get equal rights in any country, know at which position India stands

World Bank Report: Women do not get equal rights in any country, know at which position India stands

Women Empowerment in India: There have been surprising revelations in the World Bank's recent report on women empowerment. This report shows that women are not getting equal rights in any country. They are not getting equal work opportunities as men. In almost every country, their legal rights are not the same as men. Even in developed countries they are not getting equal opportunities.

Gender gap is widening all over the world

According to the World Bank Report, gender gap is widespread all over the world. The economic powers of the world are also not lagging behind in making this discrimination. They are neither getting adequate legal rights nor equal opportunities to work. According to the report, if men get a salary of one dollar, then women for the same work are given only 77 cents. This discrimination continues till the retirement of women. The retirement age of men and women is different in a total of 62 countries. 

If facilities are available, the number of women workers increases  

According to the World Bank, violence in the workplace and lack of childcare services keep women away from jobs. If they get these facilities at the workplace then the average of working women increases. Similarly, gender gap still exists in 190 countries. Legal reforms and their results on the ground are yet to be seen. Women are not getting equal salary, benefits and jobs as men. 

India ranked 127th among 146 countries

The World Economic Forum has ranked India at 127th position among 146 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index 2023. In India, 82 percent of labor income goes to men and 18 percent to women. Despite having equal ability in entry level jobs, women find it more difficult to get jobs than men. This problem becomes more serious in higher positions in the corporate sector. According to the report, 95 countries have implemented the rule of equal pay for equal work. However, only 35 countries have made efforts to implement it legally.

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