Vacant Plots: Noida and Greater Noida Authority will take possession of vacant plots, allotment will be done again

Vacant Plots: Noida and Greater Noida Authority will take possession of vacant plots, allotment will be done again

Noida and Greater Noida: There is going to be strictness on vacant plots in Noida and Greater Noida. If you also have a plot in these areas then pay attention because Noida-Greater Noida Authority has now decided to take action. The authority is going to cancel the allotment of vacant industrial plots. These will be taken into possession and re-allocated. Besides, certificates will also be distributed to those who have completed the minimum construction.  

IT, industry and institutional allocation reviewed

Manoj Kumar Singh, Industrial Development Commissioner of Uttar Pradesh and Chairman of Noida-Greater Noida Authority, reviewed the IT, industry and institutional allocation in Noida-Greater Noida. The Chairman said that strict action will be taken against allottees who have been sitting with vacant plots for a long time. All the people sitting with plots in the name of IT or industry have not done anything there till now. Work is not being started by constructing buildings on these plots. Therefore, the process of canceling their allotment will be started. 

Completion and functional certificates will be issued

According to the IANS report, if the plot takers have completed the minimum construction as per the rules, then they will be issued completion and functional certificates. Manoj Kumar Singh directed that the authority should organize camps for such people and distribute certificates to them. 

Meeting held with officials of both the authorities 

Chairman Manoj Kumar Singh reviewed the IT, industry and institutional allocations of both the authorities in the presence of Greater Noida Authority CEO NG Ravi Kumar and Noida Authority CEO Dr Lokesh M and other senior officials on Monday evening. In this meeting organized with the aim of promoting IT, industry and institutional investment in Noida-Greater Noida, all the department heads informed the Chairman about the latest status of the allocations related to these. 

Plots should be distributed afresh 

The Chairman said that a long time has passed since the allotment of the plots. Besides, the period for making and making them functional has also ended. Their survey should be conducted and if vacant plots are found, action should be taken to cancel the allotment. After this, these plots should be re-allocated so that new businessmen can get a chance. This will open doors for investment in Noida-Greater Noida. Issue completion and functional certificate. Also instructions were given to include these allotments in the ground breaking ceremony.

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