This magnificent 20 billion dollar airport of Japan built in the middle of the sea is sinking, know the reason

This magnificent 20 billion dollar airport of Japan built in the middle of the sea is sinking, know the reason

Japan Kansai Airport Sinking:Japan has always been ahead in terms of technology and has made many records in its name. Japan had registered its name in history by building an airport on the sea, but now that airport is slowly sinking. An artificial island was created to build the Kansai International Airport located in Greater Osaka, Japan. More than 20 billion dollars have been spent in the construction of this airport, but now it has reached the verge of sinking.

Airport will sink

Kansai International Airport started functioning in the year 1994. After continuous operation for 30 years, this airport is now in danger of sinking. After a study conducted in 2018, experts have claimed that this airport has already sunk by 40 feet, which is 25 percent more than estimated. This study has also revealed that by 2056 this airport will sink another 13 feet and then water will come inside the airport.

Crores of passengers travel every year

The construction of this airport started in the year 1987 and it took 7 years to complete it. This airport is also special because its runway is twice as long as that of normal airports, i.e. up to 4000 meters. It is situated at a distance of two miles from the sea. Apart from Osaka, Japan, this airport is very important for the passengers of nearby cities. It is the third busiest airport in Japan and the 30th busiest airport in Asia. Planes keep flying here 24 hours a day and more than 2.5 crore passengers travel every year. This airport serves as a base station for Japan Airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

20 billion dollars were wasted

To build this airport, lakhs of liters of water has been taken out through machines. After this a sea bed was made in the sea. Along with this, a sea-protection wall has also been built around the airport to protect it from sea water, but despite all these efforts, the airport is in danger of sinking. The total cost of building this airport is more than 20 billion dollars.

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