Share Market: Israel hits back at Iran, signs of huge fall in stock market

Share Market: Israel hits back at Iran, signs of huge fall in stock market

The last day of the week may prove bad for stock market investors. There are reports that Israel has retaliated by attacking Iran with a missile. This Israeli counterattack means that the tension that has been raging in West Asia for several months can take a wider form, which can spoil the sentiment of investors around the world.

Markets panic as soon as the news is received

The effect of fear of increasing tension in West Asia is already visible on the stock market. After the news of the attack came out, the future of Dow Jones Industrial Average was trading at a loss of more than 450 points. Nifty futures (Gift Nifty) in Gifty City had also fallen by more than 300 points in the morning. This is a clear indication that the last day of the week is going to prove bad for the domestic stock market.

There is an outcry in Asian markets

Asian markets are the first to open for business. are just scattered. There is all-round selling in early trade in Asian markets. Japan's Nikkei 225 index has fallen by more than 1200 points (3.27 percent) in the morning. The Hang Seng index in Hong Kong is in loss of more than 180 points (1.11 percent).

Report of attack on nuclear site

According to a Reuters report, Israel retaliated against Iran. Have done. It is being told that Israel has targeted a nuclear site of Iran with a missile. The sound of an explosion was also heard near the airport in Isfahan city of Iran. The main airbase of Iran's army is located in this city and major centers related to Iran's nuclear program are also nearby.

Iran had attacked

Earlier, Iran had attacked. There was a major attack on Israel earlier this week. Iran attacked with more than 200 drones and missiles. Since then, tension had increased in West Asia and the possibility of a large-scale war was being expressed. However, many countries including America were making diplomatic efforts to avoid war.

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