Salary of Rs 25 thousand offered for Momos shop, people said they are getting more money from IT

Salary of Rs 25 thousand offered for Momos shop, people said they are getting more money from IT

Momos Helper Salary: All the students coming out of college are looking for a good salary in a good company, but sometimes the hopes of the students get a blow when even after studying in an expensive college, they get very poor salary. One has to work on low package. Every year crores of students in the country go through this problem, but a job advertisement on social media X has attracted everyone's attention. A momos shop needs a helper for which the shopkeeper is offering a salary of Rs 25,000 per month. The special thing is that the salary offered in the momos shop is more than the salary given to freshers by many IT companies.

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A user of social media platform There is no information about the location of the shop in this ad, but it is clearly written in the advertisement that a helper and a craftsman are required. A salary of Rs 25,000 will be given for this.

Damn this local momo shop is offering a better package than the average college in India these days

— Amrita Singh (@puttuboy25) April 8, 2024

Offering more salary than IT

Social media users are reacting fiercely to the post shared by Amrita Singh. Amrita Singh wrote that the salary of this momos shop is more than the average salary of a common college. Apart from this, many social media users wrote that while even after getting a degree worth lakhs from the college, freshers have to worry about getting a job worth Rs 20 thousand, this momos shop is getting a salary of Rs 25,000. < /p>

People compared the salary of the helper in the momos shop with TCS and said that the helper in this momos shop is getting more salary than TCS. Many people said that platforms like Swiggy, Zomato offer a salary of 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month to their riders. Whereas a nurse working in a private hospital gets a salary of only Rs 20 to 22 thousand.

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