Pharma Sector in Demand: After getting the new variant of Corona, the pharma sector chimed in on the disappointment in the market.

Pharma Sector Zooms High on New Covid19 Variant: The talk of opportunity in disaster is absolutely right. and share market  The investors find opportunities even in disasters. And that’s where the stock market happened today. Friday morning brought sad news for the stock market.

Investors fear due to new variants 

Due to the arrival of a new variant of Corona virus in South Africa, there was panic among investors all over the world. Again, there is a danger of lockdown in many countries. Citizens who arrived in Botswana and Hong Kong from South Africa have also found symptoms similar to the infection of this new variant. Due to which there is an outcry in the stock markets of all Asian countries including India. But there is one sector market where there is tremendous greenery and that is the pharma sector. 

Pharma Sector Returns to Shine

Shares of all sectors including banking, auto, IT have fallen, but the shares of pharma sector are witnessing tremendous growth. In fact, investors feel that if a new variant of Corona comes, then the shares of Pharma Sector can be silver. Because once again the demand for medicines and vaccines will increase from all over the world. Which can give tremendous benefit to the pharma sector. 

Pharma Sector Shares Rise  

If we look at the shares of pharma companies, Cipla is trading at Rs 964 with a gain of 7.13 per cent, Alkem Lab is up 5.49% at Rs 3517, Dr Reddys Labs is trading at Rs 4915 with a gain of 3.93 per cent. Is. Divis Labs is trading 3.33%, Lupine 2.61%, cadila Health 2.55% and Aurobindo Pharma 2.41% higher at Rs 685 per share. 

Disclaimer: (The information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always consult an expert before investing money as an investor.  It is never advised to invest money on anyone’s behalf.)

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