Onion Export Ban: Onion export banned again, ban was ending on March 31

Onion Export Ban: Onion export banned again, ban was ending on March 31

Indian Extended Ban on Onion Export: Taking a big decision before the Lok Sabha elections, the Government of India on Saturday has imposed a long-term ban on onion export. The time limit for the ban imposed on onion export was till 31 March. Now it has been extended indefinitely. This shocking decision is going to be taken in the country

The ban was ending on March 31   

India is the largest exporter of onion. In view of the rising onion prices in the country, the central government had banned its export in December 2023. The duration of this ban was till March 31, 2024. After the ban, onion prices in India have come down to less than half the rate. Besides, the new crop of the season has also started arriving in the market. After this, the traders were hopeful that the government would give them good news by removing the ban on onion export. But the government surprised everyone by taking just the opposite decision. The Central Government had issued an order in this regard on Friday night. It has been said that the ban on export of onion will continue till the next order. 

Onion prices fell by four times 

Exporting companies have called this decision unnecessary. He says that despite increase in supply and reduction in prices, export of onion is being stopped. This is not correct. Wholesale prices of onion in Maharashtra have come down to Rs 1200 per quintal. In December, onion prices had gone up to Rs 4500 per quintal. Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal and United Emirates depend to a great extent on onions from India.

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