Multibagger Share: This company of Bihar dominated the stock market, made investors millionaires in 3 years

Multibagger Share: This company of Bihar dominated the stock market, made investors millionaires in 3 years

In terms of industry and business, Bihar is counted among the backward states of the country. Very few companies are based in Bihar. In such a situation, a company from Bihar is making a splash on the stock market. The stock of this Bihar based company has given such returns in the market that many of its investors have become millionaires in a few years.

Small company by mcap

This company Is Aditya Vision Ltd. This company retails home appliances. The company runs many stores of electronic goods, where you can buy AC, fridge, TV, cooler etc. of all big brands. The size of the company is also not very big. With an mcap of Rs 2,630 crore, it is counted among smallcap companies.

Last week’s decline

Talking about Aditya Vision shares, the price fell by 1.31 per cent on Friday. was seen and it closed at the level of Rs 2,189.10. The company’s share price declined by about 5 per cent during the last week. The stock had recently touched Rs 2,465, which is also its 52-week high. Right now the stock is trading below its high level.

The price has increased continuously

The price of this stock has increased by more than 36 percent during the last 1 month. At the same time, according to 6 months, the stock is trading at a profit of more than 55 percent. On a January to date basis, the share price has gained more than 42 per cent. In the last one year, it has jumped more than 125 percent. At the same time, its price has strengthened by more than 3,300 percent in 5 years.

Crorepati made in this way

This stock was at its lowest level about 3 years ago. At that time, the price of one share of Aditya Vision was just Rs 18. Compared to that time, the stock has made a tremendous jump of about 12000 percent. Accordingly, if an investor had invested just Rs 1 lakh in Aditya Vision shares 3 years ago, he would have been a millionaire today and the value of his investment would have been Rs 1.21 crore.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is being given for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always take expert advice before investing money as an investor. never advises anyone to invest money here.

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