Market Outlook: There has been a decline for 2 consecutive weeks, now how will the stock market be in the budget week?

Market Outlook: There has been a decline for 2 consecutive weeks, now how will the stock market be in the budget week?

After the great start of this year, the last two weeks have not proved good for the market. The rally that has been going on for 7-8 weeks has been put on hold and there is turmoil in the market for the last two weeks. Now the budget week is starting from Monday. If the budget lives up to expectations, it may help the market recover from the two-week decline. Let us know how the market is going to be in the budget week.

Business was done only for 3 days

Before that, let us know the situation of the last week. There were many holidays in the market during the last week. The week also started with a holiday and the week also ended with a holiday. First day on 22nd January Republic Day was a holiday. In this way, only 3 days of trading took place in the market.

Such a fall occurred last week

On January 25, the last trading day of the week, the BSE Sensex fell by 360 points and closed at 70,700 points. Whereas NSE's Nifty 50 fell by 101 points on Thursday and stood at 21,352 points. During the entire week, Sensex fell by 982.56 points or 1.37 percent, while Nifty lost 269.8 points or 1.24 percent. Before that, in the week ending January 20, the Sensex fell by 1,144.8 points or 1.57 percent, while the Nifty fell by 323 points.

FPIs sold so much

FPIs sold again. Are there and are playing a big role in bringing down the market. According to NSDL data, till January 25 this month, FPIs have sold Rs 24,734 crore in the stock market. Before that, FPIs had remained buyers. FPIs have sold Rs 12,194 crore during the last week alone.

The impact of the budget can be like this

If we talk about the next week, the biggest factor for the market will be the budget. Going to do. Interim budget is going to come on 1st February. Since it is an election year, the market has high expectations from the budget. If the budget meets the expectations of the market, then the trend of decline that has been going on for two weeks can be broken and investors can earn.

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