Job Rejection: Job application rejected in 3 minutes, who is taking decisions so quickly?

Job Rejection: Job application rejected in 3 minutes, who is taking decisions so quickly?

Job Search: We all work very hard to search for a job. Prepare a good CV, make a cover letter and then start searching for the job of your choice from different portals and sources. If after all this preparation you apply for a job and within a few minutes you come to know that the application has been rejected, will you believe it? Something similar happened with a person who applied for a job and his application was rejected in just 3 minutes. Since then, question marks have been raised on the job process. After this incident, people are now raising questions whether the CV was seen by a human being or whether the job process has been handed over to a chat bot.

Applicant claims bot did this work 

This person has written about his past on the social media platform Reddit. He told that he had applied for this job of National Grid after hours of preparation. However, he was surprised by the rejection that took place in just 3 minutes. He claimed that this work was done by a bot. Expressing his anger, he wrote that he has fallen in love with the recent situation of jobs in Britain. I am surprised how a company can take a decision on an application so hastily. He has also posted photos of two emails received from the company. 

2 mails came from the company in just 3 minutes 

He wrote that first a mail came at 10:37, in which it was written that we are reviewing your application and will give you a reply within 14 days. Just 3 minutes later, at 10:40, another email came, in which it was written that thanks for the application. After careful reading, we have decided that your application is not being extended for further processing at this time. Thank you for your interest in National Grid Carriers.

The company is being criticized on social media 

Many types of comments have come on this post. One user wrote that I also filled the form for a job for 35 minutes and uploaded my CV. As soon as I applied, I immediately got the reply that you are not fit for this job. I had 15 years of experience in that kind of job. Another user wrote that I work in HR. We never reply to anyone so quickly. It is painful to be rejected like this.

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