Jet Airways: Founder of Jet Airways started crying in front of the judge, said – I have given up all hope of life!

Jet Airways: Founder of Jet Airways started crying in front of the judge, said – I have given up all hope of life!

Naresh Goyal: Naresh Goyal, founder of the defunct airline Jet Airways, is embroiled in a fraud case of Rs 538 crore with Canara Bank. During his appearance before the Special Court on Saturday, he became emotional and said with tears in his eyes – I have given up every hope of life. It would be better for me to die in jail than to live in such a situation. 

Bank fraud charges against Naresh Goyal 

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) had arrested Naresh Goyal on September 1. He has been accused of bank fraud. ED had taken action against him under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). He has been kept in Arthur Road Jail in judicial custody. He had filed a bail petition last month. During the hearing on this, he had demanded a personal hearing. The judge accepted it. 

Also cited the poor health of his wife and daughter 

According to court records, 75-year-old Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal told the court with tearful eyes that his wife Anita is fighting a cancer battle. He misses them very much. No one to take care of them. Goyal said that his daughter is also facing health related problems. He told the judge that his knees were swollen. These cause a lot of pain. They also have a lot of difficulty in urinating. He has become very weak. There is no use in sending him to JJ Hospital. The journey from Arthur Road Jail to the hospital is very painful for them. Therefore, instead of sending him to JJ Hospital, he should be allowed to die in jail. 

Standed in front of the judge with folded hands, his whole body was trembling

According to the court journal (hearing record), Goyal stood in front of the judge with folded hands and his entire body was trembling. He said that my health is very bad. He also placed the issue of the health of his wife and daughter before the judge. Apart from this, he appealed to the court that he should not be called for hearing. His health is not allowing it. 

The court ordered to make proper arrangements for them 

On this the judge said that he was having trouble even standing. Their suffering can be seen even through their eyes. We assure them that their mental and physical health will be taken full care of. The court directed his lawyers to make proper arrangements regarding his health. Also, the date of next hearing has been fixed for January 16. 

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