Japan Buys Russian Oil: Ignoring US sanctions, Japan will buy large quantities of oil from Russia, also increased purchase of natural gas

Japan Buy Russian Oil: Since the Russia-Ukraine War, relations between Russia and America and allied countries have deteriorated. America and western countries had imposed many types of sanctions to put pressure on Russia. It also includes a cap of $ 60 per barrel on Russian oil. Even after America’s sanctions, its big ally Japan (Japan to Buy Russian Oil) is going to buy oil from Russia at a higher price than this cap. On this matter, Japan has prepared it for this after talking to America. Japan has asked the US to make an exception for the purchase of oil as Japan is in dire need of Russian oil at present.

Many European countries have reduced their dependence on Russian oil >

Japan’s decision to buy Russian oil is quite surprising, as many European countries have reduced their dependence on Russian Crude Oil above. On the other hand, Japan has increased the purchase of natural gas from Russia. Along with this, Japan is the only country in the group of G-7 countries, which has not helped Ukraine in this war by giving it any kind of lethal weapons.

Japan is giving support to Ukraine.

Giving his support to Ukraine, Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida  had recently visited Ukraine. He has become the last leader from the G-7 countries to do so, who has visited Ukraine after Russia’s invasion. Along with this, he has said that he will show his solidarity with Ukraine in the G-7 meeting to be held next month.  

Solidarity is not visible among America’s allies against Russia

While clarifying on this matter, Japan has said that $ 60 per Even though Japan is buying oil at more than a barrel, its quantity is very less. Along with this, Japan has also given permission to America for this. But with this step of Japan, the commitment of America and its allies against Russia is looking weak. It is worth noting that the US, the European Union and Australia have refused to insure the ships of all those countries which are buying oil from Russia at a price higher than the fixed cap. 

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