ITR Discard Facility: What is the discard facility of income tax, which has been started for the first time?

ITR Discard Facility: What is the discard facility of income tax, which has been started for the first time?

The Income Tax Department keeps making changes continuously for the convenience of taxpayers. In the latest case, the department has given a new facility to the taxpayers, which is named Discard Return. Using this facility, taxpayers can discard their income tax returns.

Can discard such returns

As is clear from the name, under this feature, taxpayers can Can completely discard any income tax return, i.e. erase it. This facility is for income tax returns which a taxpayer has previously filed but has not verified. In this way, if you have ever filed an income tax return before, but have not verified it, now you can remove that return from the database of the Income Tax Department.

People will find it easier in this matter

With the introduction of this feature, it is going to be easier for the taxpayers filing income tax returns. Currently, when there was no facility to discard old returns, taxpayers had to file revised returns if any mistake was missed. Now, instead of going through the entire process of filing the revised return, the taxpayer can file a fresh ITR by correcting the mistakes.

Such a process was there till now

To file the revised return, the old return has to be filed. It was necessary to verify. Meaning, if you filed an income tax return and then discovered a mistake, then the only way to correct it was to first verify it and then file a revised return. Now taxpayers have got freedom from this process. Now the taxpayer can fill the ITR afresh by discarding the return containing incorrect information.

Now let us know what are the conditions of using this feature:

  • The old ITR should not have been verified in any way, whether offline or online.
  • The return should be of assessment year 2023-24 or later. Meaning, it is possible to discard only the income tax return filed after April 1, 2023. After discarding the old return, if the new return is filed after the due date, then it will be effective. Fine will be imposed as per rules.

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