Inflation In India: Such a hit of inflation! 63 percent people forced to reduce from restaurants to travel and other non-essential expenses

India’s Inflation Rate Update: Reserve Bank of India may have given relief to the people by not increasing the Repo Rate during this week, but last year in May Till now 2.5 percent interest rate has been increased. The effect of this is that 74 percent of the people of the country are worried about their expenses and savings and want to reduce their expenses. 

To manage savings and spending in inflation, more than half of Indians want to cut down on unnecessary expenses like dinner in restaurants and their tour plans. A PwC Global Consumer Insights Pulse survey report states that 6 out of 10 Indians or 63 per cent will cut down on non-essential spending in the next 6 months. 

Most Indians unable to manage daily expenses 

This report has been prepared by conducting 12 big surveys like Delhi, Mumbai, in which it has been said that more than half of the Indians are not able to manage their daily expenses due to rising inflation for the last 1 year, due to which they Having trouble. 

Where people want to shop 

It has been said in the survey that there are 47 percent people who want to shop at discounted places or cheap places. On the other hand, 45 percent people want to buy products like premium phones only when a special offer is given on them. 

Which non-essential items have been cut more 

According to a graph in the Business Standard newspaper, 32 per cent people want to withdraw from virtual online activity. At the same time, 32 percent of consumers want to cut down on electronic items as well. 31% want reduction in fashion items, 30% want reduction in Indian tourism. In addition, 21 per cent are looking to cut down on non-essential gas. 

Emphasis on eco-friendly household products 

80 percent of the able-bodied people in the survey want to buy domestic products, for which they are ready to spend more. These products are useful for the environment. This also includes recycled products and the availability of such things is gradually increasing. 

Youth want to continue traveling 

It has also been said in the survey that youth born after 1997 and in the early years of 1980 want to continue their revenge travel. The survey says that the youth who could not travel during Kovid do not want to make any changes in their travel planning. 

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