If you want to buy a flat in Delhi-NCR, then keep these things in mind, you will save money and will also be free from problems.

If you want to buy a flat in Delhi-NCR, then keep these things in mind, you will save money and will also be free from problems.

Property Buying Tips: If you want to buy property in any area of ​​Delhi-NCR, here are some tips which can prove useful. At present, property prices are continuously increasing in the National Capital Delhi and National Capital Region areas. If you want to buy residential property or commercial property in Delhi as well as in its adjoining areas, you can be benefited by keeping in mind the points mentioned here.

Check the legal status of the property

First of all check the legal status of the property such as its title deed or occupancy certificate to ensure that the property is free from legal encumbrances. If you are taking a house in a society, then check that all payments have been made such as maintenance, electricity, water, property tax and any other society dues have already been paid.

Know the history of the property

The second important thing is that you should know the history of the property, such as how old it is, who owned it earlier, the reason for selling it or any kind of structural damage – find out all these because they Affects the resale value of the property or flat. Always visit the flat yourself or take a look at it. Take a tour of the property, study the layout and assess the overall situation. 

Also find out about ventilation, natural air and surrounding facilities. If you are taking the property for resale, also find out why the seller wants to sell the property.

Know all the payment terms

The third important thing to keep in mind is that the terms of payment should be clearly discussed. Some sellers want part time payment and some want full time payment – ​​decide according to what suits you. The property buyer should also find out about additional expenses such as brokerage fees, maintenance charges or parking fees. You also find out how much loan you can get to buy your property.

Appreciation in the property means whether its price can increase in future or not, whether its current price is correct according to its value or not. In future, it is necessary to be aware that the property will not come in any social tussle. Things like connectivity with social and physical infrastructure should be taken care of. 

Lastly, keep in mind that buying a property is a long term commitment, you should do all the research thoroughly. Nearby amenities like schools, hospitals, grocery stores and public transportation facilities will be beneficial for you. 

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