Gujarat Toolroom: This Indian company bought a mine in Zambia, shares have increased 500% in a year

Gujarat Toolroom: This Indian company bought a mine in Zambia, shares have increased 500% in a year

Even though the stock market is trading in the red today, even then many stocks are showing great growth. One such share is that of Gujarat Toolroom, on which upper circuit is imposed today. Upper circuit was imposed on its stock a day earlier on Tuesday also.

Upper circuit is imposed on the second day also

Gujarat Toolroom's shares were down by 5 percent on BSE in the afternoon trade. With upper circuit it was at the level of Rs 54.22. Earlier yesterday also the stock had risen 5%. Today this stock had risen 5% as soon as it opened. The 52-week high level of this share is Rs 60.32, while the 52-week low level is Rs 8.58. If seen in this way, its price has seen an increase of more than 500 percent in a year.

Shares became rocket due to this news

This company, listed in the capital goods category, is Mines and Minerals. Works for. Recently the company has acquired a mine in Zambia. The company had informed the stock market about this on Tuesday. He had told that he has acquired a mine of 6 hectares in Zambia. This deal is expected to increase the company's revenue significantly.

This much revenue is expected from the new mine

According to the company, the new mine it has purchased will have copper, cobalt , Gold, Nickel, Manganese, Beryllium, Sulphur, Zinc, Coal, Iron Ore, Limestone, Uranium etc. can be found. The company expects that it can get annual revenue of 15-20 million dollars from each hectare of the mine. He said that once the mine becomes operational, its annual revenue will be at least Rs 700 crore.

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