GST Fraud: Fake GST summons are coming, be careful otherwise it will be a fraud, check this way

GST Fraud: Fake GST summons are coming, be careful otherwise it will be a fraud, check this way

GST Notice:People are receiving many notices related to GST violations. People have been told that this is a new method of online fraud. People need to be careful about these. Director General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) and Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) have said that these notices are fake. After receiving such notices, people should complain to us. 

After receiving the notice, verification can be done in this way

According to the information shared by PIB, if people receive such notices then they should verify by visiting the CBIC website. For this they will have to go to the Verify CBIC-DIN window. Apart from this, taxpayers can also collect information regarding these notices from the online portal of Directorate of Data Management (DDM). If they receive any suspicious message, they can immediately complain to DGGI and CBIC. 

Many cases came before DGGI and CBIC 

DGGI and CBIC have recently received information about many such cases. In this, people are being intimidated by sending fake notices. These fake notices looked absolutely real. Document Identification Number (DIN) was also written in it. But, this DIN number was not issued by DGGI. GST Intelligence has taken strict steps to deal with this fraud. Information about such cases has also been given to the police. All steps will be taken to stop this.

DIN number will save from fraud 

CBIC had issued a circular on November 5, 2019 informing the taxpayers regarding the issuance of DIN. This DIN number is most useful in protecting you from fraud. Therefore, after receiving the notice, taxpayers can easily verify it through DIN number. If your DIN number is not matching with the notice, this should be informed immediately.

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