Cyber ​​Crime: This is how cyber fraud happens, if you have information you will not get trapped

Cyber ​​Crime: This is how cyber fraud happens, if you have information you will not get trapped

Cyber ​​Crime: Technology has changed our lives in every way. With the help of technology, many of our tasks have become very easy and there has been a radical change in life. But, this technology has also brought with it many dangers. Among these, cyber fraud is the most important, which is carried out on the basis of this technology. Cyber ​​fraud has become a serious issue in India. Therefore, we need to be very careful while doing any type of financial transaction in the online world. You can be cheated in these ways during digital transactions. Let us explain to you how by being careful while completing your work, you can stay safe from cyber fraud. 

Defraud by stealing identity 

The easiest way of cyber fraud is to steal people’s identity. For this, cyber criminals steal your Aadhaar, PAN card and bank related information. With the help of this personal information, money is illegally withdrawn from the victim’s account. Therefore, do not give such information to anyone under any circumstances. 

Fooling with fake investment scheme 

With the advent of online facilities for investment, criminals have also got an opportunity. By luring you with high returns, they trap you in such a scheme, where there is a high possibility of losing money. Many companies even open offices to win the trust of investors. As soon as a lot of money is collected, these companies close their offices and run away. Therefore, if someone tells you about such a scheme, where the returns are more than that of banks and NBFCs, then keep your mind clear. >

For cyber fraud, criminals try to pretend that they are a legitimate company or person by creating emails, messages or websites. People fall into their trap, leak their information and become victims of fraud. Such phishing schemes have emerged very rapidly in the country. 

Stealing information by tampering with ATM 

People who commit financial crimes also steal information related to your card by tampering with the ATM machine. This is called ATM skimming. These small devices look like a part of the machine and people do not suspect them. 

Stealing data and demanding ransom 

These days, the trend of demanding ransom by stealing data related to business institutions is also increasing. This is called ransomware attack. Recently, Tata Group hotels also became victims of similar attacks.

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