Bajaj Auto Share: Bajaj Auto gave a gift to the shareholders, this offer is open for 8 days

Bajaj Auto Share: Bajaj Auto gave a gift to the shareholders, this offer is open for 8 days

Bajaj Auto, a two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company, has brought a great opportunity for its shareholders. Bajaj Auto, one of the country's leading automobile companies, has announced repurchase of shares. This share buyback offer is opening from today, March 6.

The offer will remain open from today till March 13

Bajaj Auto announced this share buyback offer on Monday, March 4. did. This share buyback offer is opening for the next 8 days from today. That means the company is going to do buyback from its shareholders from March 6 till the close of business on March 13. The company's shareholders are going to earn huge profits in this offer.

Record date for Bajaj Auto's buyback offer

The company has set the record date for this offer on 29th February. . That means, only those shareholders who hold shares of Bajaj Auto till February 29 will be able to get the benefit of this offer. The size of this share buyback offer of Bajaj Auto is going to be very big. In this offer, the company plans to buy up to 40 lakh shares of face value of Rs 10. This is equal to 1.41 percent stake of the company.

Shareholders will earn this much from buyback

The company has set a price of Rs 10,000 per share for repurchase of shares. Currently the price of one share of Bajaj Auto is Rs 8,350. After the announcement of the offer on Monday, the shares of Bajaj Auto have increased. Yesterday on Tuesday this stock had closed with a rise of 1.74 percent. On Monday, the price of one share was Rs 8,042.75. That is, the shareholders who will get benefit under this offer will get a profit of about 24 percent in one go.

These investors will get the benefit of the offer

These shares of Bajaj Auto Those shareholders who have shares of the company in their books till February 29 will be able to bid in the buyback offer. The buyback entitlement for the reserve category has been fixed at 7 shares for every 27 shares held on the record date. Similarly, general category shareholders will be able to bid for buyback of 1 share for every 82 shares. Buyback bids will be settled on the exchange by March 20.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is being given for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. As an investor, always consult an expert before investing money. never advises anyone to invest any money.

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