Another blow to the general public! All these soaps and detergents including Wheel, Rin and Lux ​​have become expensive, check new rates

Detergent Price Hike: The burden of inflation is increasing every day on the general public. After petrol-diesel and vegetables, now the rates of detergent and soap (Soap price hike) have also increased. Now you will have to spend more money than before for bathing and washing clothes. HUL and ITC have announced an increase in the prices of soaps and detergents. 

Soap rates increased by 10 percent
Let us tell you that HUL has increased rates from 3.4 percent to 21.7 percent. HUL has increased the prices of Wheel, Rin Bar and Lux ​​soaps. At the same time, ITC has increased the prices of Fiama soap by 10 percent. Apart from this, there has been an increase of 9 percent on Vivel and 7.6 percent on Engage’s Dio. 

Rates due to input cost
According to the report of Moneycontrol, FMCG companies have increased the prices of soap and surf due to increase in input cost. 

Wheel becomes costlier by Rs2
Hindustan Unilever has increased the price of 1 kg pack of wheel by 3.4 per cent, after which its rates have increased by Rs.2. Apart from this, the price of 500 grams pack has increased from Rs 28 to Rs 30. 

Soap becomes costlier by 5.8 percent
In addition, the price of 250 grams pack of Rin soap has been increased by 5.8 percent. At the same time, the price of 100 grams pack of Lux has been increased by 21.7 percent. 

Engage’s Dio also becomes expensive
ITC has increased Fiama’s soap by 10 percent. The 150ml bottle of Engage deodorant has increased the price by 7.6 percent and the 120ml bottle of Engage perfume by 7.1 percent.

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