Amul’s creative again caught everyone’s attention, described the success of Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Mission like this

Amul’s creative again caught everyone’s attention, described the success of Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Mission like this

Amul Creative Take on Tunnel Rescue Mission: Not only are the products of popular dairy and FMCG brand Amul popular, its creative topics also always attract people. Be it any major event in the country or the world, Amul keeps an eye on it and often brings a new perspective on it through its creative ads. 

Amul’s latest topical on Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Mission

If we look at the creative of Amul, it can be seen that as always, the creative advertising team of Amul has chosen the most talked about issue of the country and expressed it beautifully through its creativity. Amul has celebrated in its own style the safe return of 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel for 17 days in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand and the success of one of the country’s biggest rescue missions.

See Amul’s creative topic on Tunnel Rescue Mission

In this Amul topic, a tunnel laborer is shown and a rescue miner is shown standing together. The caption on this photo is ‘Major Rescue, Minor Miracle’… Along with this, Amul logo is given in one corner while in the other corner another text is written – ‘Eat Amul day or night’

#Amul Topical: The miraculous rescue of the 41 trapped tunnel workers!

— (@Amul_Coop) November 29, 2023

Amul’s creative is becoming popular on social media platforms

This has been posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) from the official handle of Amul, which has received a total of 27.4 thousand views so far. This Amul topic is fast becoming a topic of discussion and along with the text, people are also taking its Instagram posts in their stride. The same post on Instagram has received 5486 likes so far.

What is Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Mission

Part of the Silkyara Tunnel under construction on Chardham Marg in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand had collapsed on 12 November 2023. Due to this, 41 laborers were trapped inside it. Drilling was done with the machine as part of the rescue operation that continued day and night for 17 days. In the last phase of the operation, drilling was done using ‘rat hole mining’ technique to reach the workers trapped inside. 12 ‘Rat Hole Mining’ experts were deployed to make a path by digging through the debris left in the block portion of the tunnel. Finally, on 28 November 2023, with the final help of Rat Miners, these 41 trapped laborers were taken out safely.

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