Agricultural land: How will the world feed, agricultural land reduced by one third, know what is the situation in India

Agricultural land: How will the world feed, agricultural land reduced by one third, know what is the situation in India

Agriculture Land: India's huge population is a big challenge. India is the world's most populous country with more than 142 crore people. We had left China behind in April this year. To feed such a large population, agriculture plays the most important role. India is called an agricultural country. However, India is not even included in the top-5 countries in farming. Most of the farming in the world is done in China. After this, America, Australia, Brazil and Russia come in the top-5. 

Cultivable land has reduced in many countries 

According to a recently released report, fluctuations in cultivable land have been seen in many countries of the world during the last 60 years (1961-2021). The cultivable land in India in 1961 was about 58.8 percent, which has now crossed the figure of 60 percent. Apart from this, Brazil and China have also made good progress in this matter. This figure has increased to 55.5 percent in China and 28 percent in Brazil. On the other hand, agricultural land has reduced in Argentina, America and Japan. About 52 lakh square kilometers of land is being cultivated in China. Farming is being done in a total area of ​​4.78 crore square kilometers in the world.  

Small countries of Africa are also doing wonders 

Burundi of the African continent is also doing wonders in the field of agriculture. He cultivates 81.9 percent of his total area. Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay and Lesotho are also doing excellent work in this matter. The cultivable land in Bangladesh is about 58 percent. 

There is no cultivable land in Greenland and Vatican City 

Greenland is the largest country in the world where there is no cultivable land. Also, Vatican City is the smallest country in this matter. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a United Nations agency, since 1961 till now the cultivable land has reduced by almost one-third. Due to global climate change, regrowth of forests, soil erosion and expansion of desert is eating away agricultural land. 

10 most fertile countries in the world 

India is included in the top-10 fertile countries of the world in terms of cultivable land. Apart from this, America, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, Ukraine, Argentina and Australia are also in this list.

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