Upcoming Suzuki Swift Cross SUV, ‘Chhotu’ SUV to compete with Tata Punch

New Delhi
The next generation model of the popular hatchback Suzuki Swift is going to debut next year in many countries around the world. This will be the 4th generation model of this car. Swift Sport will be launched in the year 2023. However, no fixed launch date or timeline has been revealed about this yet. Now it is reported that the company is preparing to bring an SUV based on Swift.

Suzuki to bring micro SUV
This small SUV of the company will take direct competition from Tata Punch in India. In the company’s portfolio, this car will be placed above the Ignis and below the Vitara. Although no talk of India launch has been revealed yet, but even after launch, its journey is going to be difficult as it will compete directly with Tata Punch.

Suzuki Swift Cross will be named
The company will launch this car under the name Suzuki Swift Cross. This car can be launched in India with Maruti under the name Maruti Suzuki Swift Cross.

Talking about the Suzuki Swift hatchback, it is believed that the next generation Maruti Swift can be introduced in the Indian market under the name Suzuki Swift Sport. At present, this car is available in the market of Australia along with other European countries including UK. The Maruti Swift Sport will also cost more than the regular Swift. Also, the features will be updated in it. In fact, the demand for premium hatchback cars in India is less than regular hatchback cars, so the company is afraid to launch premium hatchbacks. Although the price of Maruti Swift Sport is very high in European countries, but how much it will be launched in the Indian market, it remains to be seen.


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