Xplaned: TLP march in Pakistan intensifies, know what is the root of the dispute, why there is an undeclared emergency like situation in the country

March of TLP in Pakistan :The situation in the neighboring country Pakistan, which promotes terrorism and violence, has worsened these days. The march of Tehriye-e-Labbaik i.e. TLP has reached close to the capital Islamabad. Thousands of people are taking part in this march. The situation can only be gauged from the fact that the Imran government has suspended the broadcast of BOL News after showing the news of the TLP march. To deal with such a situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan has called an emergency meeting of the National Security Committee today. Know what is the whole matter.

What’s the current situation?

Imran banned BOL news

Pakistani media is continuously covering this demonstration and every move of the government. Some are supporting the government and some are seen with TLP in a lighter tone. This is the reason why the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a notice. According to which no TV channel of Pakistan Tehreek Labback can broadcast any news related to Pakistan. At the same time, BOL News has been banned for its coverage of TLP March.

Experts believe that Army Chief Bajwa has hatched this entire conspiracy to overthrow Imran from power, in which TLP is a pawn and now Imran seems to be caught in this alleged ploy of Bajwa.

TLP What’s wrong?

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