Worldwide sensation due to Corona’s ‘Botswana variant’; Learn the key points about the virus

Coronavirus Botswana Variant: & nbsp; However, on the other hand, the alarm bell has rung once again. Concerns are growing as the corona virus changes its appearance. Corona has once again changed appearance, with scientists saying the variant is dangerous. Scientists have expressed concern over the ‘Botswana & nbsp; variant’ found in Africa. Scientists have warned the world. Many questions have arisen since this & nbsp; variant. & Nbsp;

Which & nbsp; variant caused worldwide excitement?

. It is also called the ‘Botswana & nbsp; variant’. This variant was found in Botswana, a country on the African continent. This variant is endorsed by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, South Africa’s national public health organization. B.1.1.529 variant is said to have been transmitted by a single patient. Franca Belos, director of the UCL Genetics Institute in London, said the variant was developed from a patient with two hands with a serious illness. This patient is likely to have HIV / AIDS. & Nbsp;

Why is the new variant called ‘Botswana & nbsp; variant’?

It is not officially recognized by the World Health Organization. The WHO has instructed which & nbsp; variants should not be named after a country. However, when a new & nbsp; variant is found, the name of the respective country is given in a simple way. A new variant of the Corona with multiple mutation capabilities has been discovered in & nbsp; South Africa this week. As the number of corona patients in South Africa increased, so did the information about this new variant. However, Botswana has the highest number of 32 mutations of B.1.1.529. Hence the name ‘Botswana & nbsp; variant.’ More patients have been found. Most of them have found 100 patients in South Africa. In addition, 10 patients were found in Botswana, two in Hong Kong and one in Israel. However, it is feared to spread rapidly.

How dangerous is this variant? & Nbsp; According to experts, the infection is likely to spread faster than the B.1.1529 variant. Earlier this week, Imperial College London virologist Dr. Tom Peacock shared information about the new virus on his Twitter account. He said that this variant is likely to be & nbsp; more dangerous than any other type, including the world’s leading delta strain.

Why is this variant & nbsp; so dangerous?

B. 1.1.529 More than 50 mutations have been found in this type, of which 32 mutations are in its spike protein. The virus takes the help of spike proteins to enter the cells in the body. In addition, there were 10 mutations in the receptor binding domain of the variant. The Delta variant had only two such mutations. The Delta Plus type was born when the Delta variant mutated K417N in the spike protein. This variant caused a great deal of damage to the body’s immune system. This has led to an increase in the number of deaths. & Nbsp; Since there are 32 mutations in the spike protein in the Botswana type, this variant is able to neutralize the vaccine. Both Hong Kong patients had received the Pfizer vaccine, but were still infected. Experts say that this new variant is capable of counteracting the effects of the vaccine. & Nbsp; Pfizer’s corona was vaccinated. These patients were & nbsp; returning from Africa. They were kept in different rooms. Examination of their samples revealed high levels of the virus. That’s why doctors say new types are spreading through the air. Against this background, the World Health Organization (WHO) has convened an emergency meeting today to consider its threat.

What is the discussion in the world about the new variant? The whole world is aware of the 529 types. The process of stopping flights to African countries has begun. Israel has imposed travel restrictions on seven African countries. The Israeli government has added South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Iswatini to the “red list”. At the same time, Britain has banned travel to six African countries. The government has canceled all flights to these countries. Singapore has also suspended flights to African countries.

Has the latest situation affected stock markets?

The trend appeared. International crude oil prices have also declined. All stock markets, including the US, China, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and New Zealand, witnessed an atmosphere of concern. In India too, the Sensex had broken above 1300 points at around 13.30 am. So, the Nifty also fell by 372 points. & Nbsp;


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