World Patient Safety Day 2022 : Today is ‘World Patient Safety Day’; Learn the history and significance

World Patient Safety Day 2022 : World Patient Safety Day (World Patient Safety Day) is celebrated globally on 17th September. The main objectives of this day are to create awareness for patient safety and assert commitment to make healthcare safer. The day is celebrated for patients, families, caring communities, health workers, health services.

World Patient Safety Day Theme (World Patient Safety Day Theme 2022) : 

This year, for World Patient Safety Day, “Drug Safety” This “medicine without harm” Under the slogan “Know, Check and Ask” This theme is selected with this announcement.

World Patient Safety Day History (World Patient Safety Day History 2022) :  

World Patient Safety Day was first approved by WHO on its resolution on 17 September 2019. The resolution was adopted at the 72nd World Health Assembly on 25 May 2019. And since then every year September 17th is celebrated as World Patient Safety Day. 

Objective of World Patient Safety Day Significance 2022 :  

One of the important objectives of celebrating World Patient Safety Day is to increase global awareness about patient safety. This is the main purpose behind this day. It also includes promoting global actions to protect patient healthcare and reduce harm, enhancing public participation. The reason behind celebrating World Patient Safety Day is to raise global awareness about the importance of health worker safety.

Important News : 

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