World Literacy Day 2022: World Literacy Day is being celebrated across the world today; Learn the history and significance

World Literacy Day 2022: International Literacy Day (World Literacy Day 2022) is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world on September 8 every year. Celebrating World Literacy Day started in 1966. The main objective of celebrating this day is to create awareness about education among the people and to draw the attention of people around the world towards education. This day is celebrated every year to build a literate and empowered society. On the occasion of World Literacy Day, awareness is raised about education across the world. 

What is Literacy? (What Is Literacy Meaning) :

The word literacy is derived from the word sakshar, which means to be able to read and write. All the countries of the world celebrate Literacy Day with the aim of spreading education to every class of their citizens. In India, a person aged seven years or above is considered literate if they can read, write and speak at least one language. In short, alphabet recognition is important for literacy in a country. But literacy is not only that, literacy is awareness of one’s rights and duties. 

Since when is Literacy Day celebrated?

What is the concept of Literacy Day? (World Literacy Day Theme 2022) :

The purpose of Literacy Day is to inspire citizens to become literate. Every year there is a theme for Literacy Day. Accordingly, this year’s theme is ‘Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces’.

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