World Aids Day 2022 : Total number of AIDS patients in India 2.35 million; What is this disease? Read history and themes

World Aids Day 2022 : World Aids Day (World AIDS Day) is celebrated on 1st December every year. AIDS (HIV) is a disease caused by the infection of Human Immune Deficiency Virus. People have many misconceptions about this disease. World AIDS Day is celebrated to raise awareness among people from all walks of life. Learn the history of World AIDS Day and what exactly this year’s theme is. 

What is the theme of World AIDS Day 2022 :

The theme for World AIDS Day 2022 is Equality. People who are suffering from AIDS face discrimination in the society. This year’s emphasis is on ending discrimination against victims and giving them dignity.

History of World AIDS Day (History of World AIDS Day 2022):

Thomas Netter and James W., who worked in the World Health Organization’s AIDS Global Program, came up with the idea of ​​celebrating World AIDS Day in 1987. Then in 1988, World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1.

In August 1983, James W. Both Bunn and Thomas Netter introduced the concept at a World Health Organization event in Geneva. Dr. This day was observed from December 1, 1988 after the consent of Man. ‘World AIDS Day’ First observed by James W Boone and Thomas Netter in Geneva Switzerland in 1988. 

Main causes of AIDS :

  • By giving the blood of an HIV / AIDS patient to another patient
  • Possibility of infection from needle, injection with contaminated blood
  • HIV can be transmitted from mother to child while breastfeeding.
  • Due to unprotected sex

Symptoms of AIDS : 

  • Having fever for several weeks
  • Having a cough for several weeks
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • mouthing
  • Lack of appetite, loss of desire for food
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Sweating while sleeping

Important News : 

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