Wolf Warrior Diplomacy: ‘One should dance with wolves’, Chinese Foreign Minister taught diplomats a lesson of aggression, know what is Wolf Warrior Diplomacy?

Wolf Warrior Diplomacy: ‘One should dance with wolves’, Chinese Foreign Minister taught diplomats a lesson of aggression, know what is Wolf Warrior Diplomacy?

China Wolf Warrior Diplomacy: A comment made by China’s new Foreign Minister Qin Gang on social media is going viral. In this video, he was seen teaching diplomacy lessons to Chinese diplomats, in which the meaning of what he said citing wolves is now being extracted.

This video of China’s foreign minister is becoming quite viral on social media. In this, he is instructing Chinese diplomats to ‘dance to the tune of wolves’. After his statement, the discussion of China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomacy has started once again. Global experts have considered this diplomacy of China a threat to other countries. 

Gang taught Chinese diplomats a lesson in diplomacy
During the annual parliamentary meetings in Beijing, the capital of China, China’s new Foreign Minister Qin Gang gave a lot of information about diplomacy to Chinese diplomats. The video of what he said in a meeting has come to the fore. that in the video "Wolf Warrior Diplomacy Discords Trap" Talking on. they seem to say "Chinese diplomats should dance with wolves"His statement is getting a lot of headlines on social media. In such a situation, questions are being raised that what is China’s ‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy’?

Video going viral on China’s What’s on Weibo
The full statement of the gang can be seen on China’s What’s on Weibo. A report published in it said that the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCP) is a major political event, closely followed by domestic and international media. Meanwhile, Qin Gang held a press conference on March 7 to answer questions about Chinese foreign policy and Sino-US relations. 

Reply to Western media!
In response to a question, Qin said that when he became China’s ambassador to the US, Western media "wolf warrior" Came, gave headlines by name, but now that I have returned from America as Foreign Minister of China, they have stopped calling me as if I have lost something. In fact, Qin Gang was China’s ambassador to the US from 2021 to 2023 and after Wang Yi’s resignation, he took over as the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

China’s aggressive foreign policy is ‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy’
For the past several years, China’s "wolf warrior diplomacy" is being discussed, which means an aggressive foreign policy. China’s aggressive foreign policy in western countries "wolf warrior diplomacy" is seen as. Speaking on this, Qin Gang said on March 7 that the so-called ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’ is actually a web of discourse, and the people weaving it either do not understand China and Chinese diplomacy, or they disregard the facts, or Then they have some hidden intentions.

External Affairs Minister also gave the example of Confucius

Qin Gang said, "Confucius said 2,000 years ago that kindness should be repaid with kindness, and enmity should be repaid with justice. China’s diplomacy is full of kindness and benevolence, but when wolves come our way and attack, Chinese diplomats must ‘dance with wolves’ to defend their country."

he "speech trap" The word was used to explain that "wolf warrior diplomacy" The term is so ingrained in Western discourses related to China’s foreign policy that it becomes difficult to think outside the box or better understand the pattern at hand. From around the year 2020, "wolf warrior diplomacy" The style of China’s foreign diplomacy became the buzzword of the Western media.

Where did it come from? "wolf warrior diplomacy"
Here are the names of Chinese patriotic action packed blockbusters "wolf warrior" and its sequel "Wolf Warrior II" Was taken from. In fact "Wolf Warrior II" The film became one of the highest grossing films in China. It has been shown in this film how aggressive the country’s foreign policy should be.

In the film Wolf Warrior-II, Wu Jing has acted and the film tells the story of Leng Feng, a Chinese special forces soldier. These soldiers fight ‘brutal foreign mercenaries’ while assisting Chinese citizens during civil war in Africa. Hence, ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’ has become a term used in Western media to describe a new style of Chinese diplomacy.

Kin had expressed Xi Jinping’s intentions 
According to the report of What’s on Weibo, this statement of Chinese Foreign Minister Qin came at a time when Chinese President Xi Jinping had criticized America in clear words. He had said that America should remain completely separate from Taiwan. The President also said that America and Western countries are trying to suppress China. 

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