WHO organizes special meeting on the worrying new nature of Kovid-19

(Jamie Keaton)

GENEVA, Nov 26 (AP) Advisors to the World Health Organization (WHO) are holding a special session on Friday to discuss a worrying new form of the coronavirus that has emerged in South Africa. However, a top expert says that its effect on Kovid-19 vaccines will not be known for several weeks.

The Technical Advisory Group on the Development of COVID-19 is holding a virtual meeting to discuss the so-called B.1.1. Have motivated for.

The group can decide whether it is the “most worrying form” like the delta variant, and whether to use the Greek letter to classify it.

Maria Van Kerkhove, who leads the technical group on Kovid-19, said in a social media chat on Thursday, “We don’t know much about it yet. All we know is that this variant of the corona has a large number of mutations. Which is a concern, because when there are so many mutations it can have an effect on the behavior of the virus.

Van Kerkhove said, “It will take a few weeks for us to understand the effect of this form on any important vaccine.”

Dr. Anurag Agarwal, director of the New Delhi-based Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology and chairman of the advisory group, said over phone that it was too early to comment on this variant. He said more data is needed before anything else can be added to the already available information.


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