WHO: India’s Saumya Swaminathan resigns as World Health Organization’s chief scientist

Mumbai: the Soumya Swaminathan (Soumya Swaminathan)

According to a report by the Indian Express news group, several other World Health Organization (WHO) officials are expected to resign soon. The report said that this is the first case in a series of resignations by a high-profile official at the World Health Organization. A situation like Corona may reoccur globally and the World Health Organization is preparing a different policy keeping in mind the same situation. The resignation of the chief scientist of this climate organization has shocked everyone. 


The seasons come and go – the statue of a man with river blindness & his son never fails to remind me why we are here @WHO. To find ways to make people healthier, and if necessary, to fight for their rights. I will miss the fantastic people who work here & whom I admire! @DrTedros pic.twitter.com/109Tcjaz30

— Soumya Swaminathan (@doctorsoumya) November 14, 2022

After Soumya Swaminathan resigns, there is a possibility that she will return to India and work again in this place.

Soumya Swaminathan has tweeted in this regard. In it she said, "Finding ways to make people healthier and, if necessary, fighting for their rights. I will miss the wonderful people who work here and whom I admire."

Assistant Director of Universal Health Coverage and Communicable, Non-Communicable Disease Division of World Health Organization Dr. Dr. Ren Minghui, Head of Medicine Access Division. Mariangela Batista Galvao Simao along with some other office bearers are reportedly preparing to resign. 

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