When meteorites hit Mars, NASA’s lander recorded the sound

Now we can know that a Meteorite – or Space Rock (Space Rocks) – What is the sound of hitting Mars and for this american space agency The findings of NASA’s InSight lander can be thanked. ‘Marsquake’ (MarsquakesA seismometer was brought to the Red Planet to measure it. The US Space Agency says that the first of these was detected by researchers in September last year.

This is believed to be the first time that such an impact of a space rock – on any other planet – has been recorded. A tweet from the official handle of the InSight mission read, "My surroundings are peaceful and stable, which allows me to feel the vibrations from inside Mars." He adds that but for the first time, I have also captured seismic waves from more dramatic sources: they impact many meteorites miles away."

There is not only sound here, but there is also visuals. The Reconnaissance Orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera has captured at least three craters on the Red Planet. The mission details the effects of seismic waves between 53 and 180 miles (85 and 290 kilometers) from four space rocks that crashed on Mars in 2020 and 2021 and from a region of Mars called Elysium Planitia by the US space agency. is registered.

Information posted by NASA

Big crater formed in every explosion

The space agency says the first of the four confirmed meteorites (a term used for space rocks) to hit the ground first – made the most dramatic entry. It entered the Martian atmosphere on September 5 last year, with at least three large explosions that each blast produced a large crater."

Meanwhile, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched in December last year, is working successfully. Now he has taken out some pictures of Mars.

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