We are not alone, ‘50000000000000000000000’ planet like Earth, aliens will meet soon!

Are we alone in this universe or are there other planets like us? Really aliens Are? Are there other planets where life exists? Scientists have been trying to find answers to these questions for years. Now a new claim has raised hope about the answer to these questions. Researchers have found evidence that solar system Life expectancy has increased. According to the claim of scientists, there are not 1-2 but billions of Earth-like planets in the universe, where life is possible. There are 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the Universe, where there are signs of life.

Cyber ​​security expert Chuck Brooks has told a foreign magazine that after this new claim, the chances of meeting aliens have increased significantly. After a very powerful new telescope and investigation in space, such evidence has been found, which shows that there is more water and life possibilities in our solar system than we thought.

10,000 crore planets in the galaxy itself

Astronomers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand have claimed that there are more than 10 billion Earth-like planets in the galaxy alone, where life is possible. According to Chak, there are 500 billion galaxies in the universe and according to this, 50 sextillion such planets are present in our universe, where life can exist. Despite the presence of such a large number of planets, Chuck Brooks says that he is not surprised by not being able to find aliens yet. They say that our earth is a very young civilization.

Meeting aliens in the next few decades

According to Brooks, we are at the door of exploration and should not be expected to immediately discover what we do not yet know. We have just started with the search for other planets. Some scientists predict that in the next few decades, aliens can be met. He says that what was a science fiction till yesterday is a reality today. If we are able to find life on any other planet, then it will definitely have an impact on our system, religion and culture too. Only time will tell whether contact with aliens will cause panic and confusion or whether it will benefit mankind. But there should be a discussion about this.

this planet is closest

According to experts, the closest planet to Earth regarding the possibility of life is Tau Ceti e (corr), which is 11.9 light years away from Earth. The fastest spacecraft to reach here, Helios II, will also take 53,000 years to reach at a speed of 43 miles per second.

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