‘Vulture bees’ feast on ‘corpse’ instead of flowers, first of their species to eat meat

WashingtonA new research has found the existence of ‘flesh-eating’ bees that sit on ‘carcasses’ instead of flowers for honey. These bees are classified as tropical. They are believed to be the first of their species in the world to use a ‘food sauce’ other than plants. It is also believed that the flesh-eating bee belongs to the Trigona family of stingless bees and can be found in Costa Rica. This research was done by researchers from the University of California. UC Riverside entomologist Doug Yanega said these are the only bees in the world that have not evolved to use food sources produced by plants. This is a marked change in eating habits. Bees are now named by scientists as ‘vulture bees’ because the nature of both is similar.

pulled towards the chicken piecesFor the research, the researchers went to Costa Rica and fed on raw chicken pieces on the branches of the plants. To protect it from ants, he used petroleum jelly. The vulture bees were immediately attracted to the pieces of chicken. Generally, the sting of bees proves to be fatal for humans many times. Although not poisonous, this sting can cause swelling and pain in the skin.

Bees don’t sting this person However, a man named Daisaba from Rwanda claims that thousands of bees walk on his body and never bite him. Daisaba explains that first of all he keeps the queen bee on him and everyone else follows him. He stops the queen bee by tying it with a thread and the rest of the flies come to rescue her. They surround the queen and gradually the whole body is covered. However, he has never bitten Daisaba.


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