Vladimir Putin: Russian President Putin said- Germany does not have freedom to work independently, US controls

Vladimir Putin: Russian President Putin said- Germany does not have freedom to work independently, US controls

Vladimir Putin Over North Sea Pipelines: Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines exploded in 2022 last year. To this, other Western countries, including Germany, have reacted cautiously to the investigation of explosions in gas pipelines. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his opinion regarding this matter.

Russian President President Vladimir Putin said in relation to the Nord Stream gas that Germany’s reaction since its explosion shows that the country is being occupied. This country has been unable to work freely since its defeat in the Second World War.

European leaders were threatened
In an interview on Russian television Rossiya-1 TV, President Vladimir Putin also said that European leaders were threatened to lose their sense of sovereignty and independence. I went. In relation to the investigation into the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, he said that it was a deliberate act, but refused to say who he believed to be responsible.

Russian news agencies quoted Putin as saying that the matter is that European politicians themselves have publicly stated that Germany has never been a fully sovereign state since World War II. Targeting America, he said that at one point the Soviet Union (Soviet Union) had called back its army. They ended the war with Germany after occupying some part, but it is known that this was not the case with the Americans, who continue to occupy Germany.

Could have been a fake operation
Putin told the interviewer that the Nord Stream gas pipeline blasts were staged at the state level, and that it was utter nonsense that Ukrainians were behind the attack. The support group is responsible. The pipelines were intended to bring Russian gas to Germany, although Berlin has taken steps to reduce its dependence on Russian hydrocarbons since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago.

Leaders in Berlin have been careful about apportioning blame for the blasts. To this  Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said last week that the explosion could have been a fake operation to blame Ukraine.

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