Virtual Democracy Summit: China and Turkey out of the Summit on Democracy, US invites 110 countries, including Taiwan

Washington : A conference is being held on. This convention is to be virtual , Which About the world 110 Countries are invited to join. This conference 9-10 To be held in December. According to the list of member states invited to the summit by the US State Department, the biggest thing is that China and Turkey have agreed to this."font-family: Arial Unicode MS;"> Not invited. Let’s say that Turkey is a member country of NATO.

"font-family: Arial Unicode MS;"> Has been invited to join. Let it be known that the growing proximity between the US and Taiwan has not only strained China, Is in , But also disturbed. The United States also has defense cooperation with Taiwan.

Includes , Which Russia gave its S -400 Agreement for supply of missile system. Russia has already delivered the missile system to China. , While USA Turkey Constant pressure to cancel the agreement Has been added to.

This conference There is tension. This issue Have come to the fore. In addition, Xinjiang Province Uighurs Atrocities ,

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